In Oct 2006, a few of the school friends met over tea. This had been a regular feature but they always missed the company of many others who were in school with them. Instantly, an idea emerged to make a Body wherein all old boys of Bishop Westcott Boys’ School and old girls of BishopWestcott Girls’ School could become members and meet on a regular basis.

They got in touch with a few more friends, who in turn got in touch with few more and the emotion & motion carried on.

Before this effort, three similar efforts had been made without much success and these ideas were lost in oblivion. But in October 2006, the resolve was stronger. Thus, history was created by the formation of Bishop School Alumni.

By consensus, Dr Satish Midha was nominated the President. Mrs. Romy Chhabra and Mrs. Jhooma Sarkar as Vice President, Mr. Sandeep Anand was made the Secretary, Mrs. Monisha Poddar and Mrs. Veneeta Dhanani as Jt. Secretary, Mr. Glen Edwin and Mr. Rakesh Mahendru was made the Treasurer. 

The drive started with only about 14 alumni members who were known as founder members and amongst them, an Executive Committee was formed.  Within a few months, the requests to increase the size of membership started coming up and a grand membership drive instigated and today it stands at 500+ Members.


The Bishop Westcott Schools were founded by the Right Rev. Dr. Foss Westcott, Bishop of Chotanagpur (Chruch of North India) in 1921. The school was meant for Anglo Indian children, most of whose parents were either missionaries or in the foreign service. Later on other children of other communities were taken in and the school achieved a secular status.

By 1923 the Girls’ School renamed as Bishop Westcott Girls’ School began in its new building and by 1927 the brother school, Bishop Westcott Boys’ School was also established. A fresh dimension was added to education in Chotanagpur and thus began a new chapter.

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